Cars line up
Fumes spew from stacks
Buses and truck lurch forward

Bodies spread
Ants running uphill
Stopped traffic, halting everything
Their enclosure choking out nature

Chunks of concrete
Metal frames with glass hiding guts
Nature evicted people to the City

14 thoughts on “City

  1. Love the last line “nature evicted people to the cities.” There are cities I’ve been in where I feel the ugiliness and the concrete slabs of everything, and I think it’s such a run down desolate place. But I also love architecture and art, and see beautiful buildings, character, and history in the cities. I love being out amongst the people doing whatever they’re doing, hustling and bustling. I also think cities these days, are making a better effort to devote money and space to trees and parks, reserves for animals etc. I even saw this very cool house they are now able to build, around a tree. It’s four levels, all windows and a fantastic idea I think. Working nature back into our cities, I think is what we should strive for. Great poem though, and I very much do understand how the speaker feels.


    1. I was really stuck with the prompt. Cities are gritty places, thankfully people are being smarter about incorporating nature. Oases in the city are so cool. Nature finds them very quickly as well. The poignant lines come first when I think of where I’m going. I’m not sure if that’s good or not sometimes. Thank you darling 😃

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  2. I live in an incredibly small town and I enjoyed the imagery of your poem. Here in this little world nothing changes. We aren’t ants moving uphill we are worker bees going along our same path destined and stuck. To escape is to leave and never return. TO LEAVE IS TO DIE.

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    1. Most of my family lived in Farm country, where 1000 people is big town. I grew up outside a major city. I used to go to Grandma’s for two weeks. Everyone knew me as “Leon’s boy” (my Dad) it was creepy then. Now, I’m jealous of them🙂

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