More Ghosts

“Are you ok?” Her little voice has an echo to it. The little girl had pigtails that start blonde and end uneven with charred clumps.  The sweet face is hollow.  Her figure is twisted.  She hides a second child behind her.   A even smaller face peers out from above waist height.  It’s spiked hair singed and face covered in soot.

Cecilia clears her tear stained eyes. She had been crying all night.  She wasn’t sure if it was night or day.  Hell did it even matter.  But her eyes behold these two little ones.  

Her mind tries to grab a hold of the scene.  The grey black had become more blue black.   Shadows stir  in the distance.   Some shadows
drag across what looks like ground.   Voices mutter in a language made of gibberish and underwater sounds.

“Sally, is she ok?”  The little head asks as he looks up at the girl.

“I think she’s scared. Tucker, she’ll come around.  I bet Dark man already saw her.”  Sally stares at Cecelia.  Her dark eyes are cold.  She holds no expression.  The face seems to go in and out of focus.

“Dark man! He’s the Dark man! What does that even mean?   How did both of you get here….your just little children.    I don’t…understand….it makes no….sense.  I. . ” Cecelia finds words harder to come by.

“He comes to pull you away.   That tree, or this place means something to you.   If you leave, you will drift.   You may find it again.  But we lost our way home!   The Dark man did it to us.   He’s mean.”  Sally looks at her like Cecelia should know that already.

“He took us.   We heard then calling us back.   But the Dark man said we being to him now!”  Tucker talks into his sister’s back.

“What are these voices?   I hear strange voices…it’s like a speaker…They are so distant.  Does the Dark man come by everyday?” Cecelia is shaking.   Anxiety chops at words.  Headless thoughts parade down memory lane. She is the adult and her grip on reality tells her the children need to help her.   Afraid is knowing why to fear.  Fear is worrying about what you should be afraid of.  The play volleyball with her mind.

A loud banging noise rings to her left.   The children let out a quiet “Oh, no!”

“We have to go.   He already knows we saw you!  It could be trouble.   Bye, lady!”  Sally no more then gets the words out and they are gone.

Part 1 in case you missed it is below…

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