Wordless Wednesday



12 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

      1. I didn’t realize that the inside cats got to go outside. I thought the inside cats stayed inside and the outside cats stays outside. LOL! YOu probably thought my question about why are some inside and why are some outside, was a stupid question. 😀 😀 Ha!


      2. The inside ones have a limited area. Mostly because when younger a couple of them had no fear of things like racoons. The littlest one (7 pounds of fur) chased a full size racoon into the woods. I was five feet behind her and the racoon kept going. It would have tore her up had she caught up to it! The outdoor cat leaves the racoons alone and they do the same.


      3. No the Queen Tommi Girl doesn’t think she’s a third the size of a racoon. She has an attitude. She’s getting better but she’s turning 15 in August. They are actually good outside. They know when they are pushing limits and are getting thrown back inside


    1. Those are telephone poles that surround an above ground pond. They are rustic for sure. There are some interesting quirks to the place. But the stray cat “Stripe” on the log and “Mama” the black kitty are have a meet and greet. The black cat is a scaredy cat. So it’s big she going up to him. He’s a big baby and was rolling over for her.

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