Photo credit : Nonnaci

The radio fails.   We knew it would.  The phones we brought were ploys to make us feel normal.  The large spinning rings passed us through to another place.

The science was clear. It would be another time but the same place. They told us to be back to the landing point after six hours.

That would be fine had we landed. But the wormholes don’t keep time.   We are traveling.   Our useless devices tell us ten hours have pasted.   We were going into the future.   Saving ourselves is never easy. 

Two people harnessed into a sphere.  Disappear in time.  Someday, they will land.  The future doesn’t depend on them just civilization.   Cures are out there, they have always told us that.

15 thoughts on “Wormhole

    1. Hmm, I forgot to include the primates beating the ground with sticks and a monolith around Jupiter. 😉 Great movie, I never made it through the book. Arthur Clarke likes his detail in descriptions. Thanks for the kind words.

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  1. Very interesting. Two people going into the future sometime to save humanity. There’s a cure for whatever humanity has been infected with. Can they find it and go back, save everyone? Or are they going into the future to save themselves, already infected? Very neat Mark. So many possibilities with this story. Would make a cool continuation.

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    1. I was thinking about the trapped in suspended time part. That would be a scary thing! Finding a cure and not getting back would be another possibility. I’ll let it roll around a bit. Thanks darling. 😃

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      1. I like the wormhole idea too! I don’t think you need to name the disease because just letting us know there was one that was killing everyone off is enough. It leaves it to our imagination.


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