The Babysitter – Granny Series

She waits on the front porch.   Voices rise and fall from inside.   She hopes is Cynthia, not Joseph, coming to the door. Her black 1980’s big straight hair frames a face of porcelain.   Her rounded checks slightly at odds with a long face.   Dressed in a red hoodie, a hidden white chamois, and jeans, she isn’t trying to get attention.   But she always attracts the wrong kind.  Rose is used to the eyes.   But Joseph is creepy.

The door opens.   An old lady stands there.   Her grey hair disorderly.  Her black gown looks almost burlap material.   Her time worn, sunken face holds blank eyes. 

“You must be Rose.   Bobby is upstairs waiting for you.   You need not worry about Joseph.  Come on in, my dear.”  Granny floats toward the stairs.

Rose has never met Granny before.  She didn’t know why she is there now.   Her eyes look around the house.   Noone is coming.   Granny disappears into thin air.

“What the hell? …. Cynthia!   Cynthia!  I’m here.  Is everything alright?!”  Rose has seen a spectre before.   They come to her often.  The living are the problem.  Her feeling of cold air about Granny was right.   But there’s something else as well, like a shadow without the light.

“Rose.  I didn’t hear you come in.   Sorry about that!”  Joseph stands in the living room to her right.  His eyes touching every part of Rose.  His face gives more uneasy feelings.   At twice her age and half her worth,  he is best ignored.

“Rose,  sorry about him!” Cynthia glares at Joseph,   “Asshole!  Rose, Bobby is upstairs.   He has his mac ‘n cheese in fridge.   Two drinks for him.  You got my number.  You are ok with us being out really late?”

Cynthia retreats to the kitchen.

“It’s fine.   I figured I’ll crash on couch.   Who is Granny?”  Rose asks following Cynthia.

“Who?!”  Cynthia is about the color of Granny as she turns back towards Rose.  Her face is twisted. Shock and embarrassment fight for her expression.  “BOBBY!   You get your ass down here, right now!”

“I seen her open the door. Granny talked to me….  told me Bobby was upstairs.  I thought..”  Rose finds an apology coming out of her.

“Is this a joke between you two?! He’s playing with some old toy that moves on its own.   Things move around.   He’s keeps saying Granny.   Now you! ”  Cynthia is a bit edgy.  Bobby levitating  things spooked her once.  A new person seeing Granny.  Someone is crazy here. The fear is its you, not them.

Part of a Series.  Hoping it works story wise.  Here’s a few pieces of the series if you wish to find out more. Click on Granny tag or..


The Granny Series begins here:


2 thoughts on “The Babysitter – Granny Series

  1. I like the addition of Rose as a character. I picture her as someone on Bobby’s side finally. Plus, she can see spirits like Granny, so she can relate to Bobby and knows he’s not lying about seeing them. It doesn’t disturb Rose much, that the spirit of Granny is present. I’m sure it hasn’t escaped Rose how screwed up Cynthia and the leering boyfriend are.

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    1. You know that point in the story whet you need something to happen and don’t know how. Well, there’s Rose. Yes, she can sense Granny. Granny concerns her. I had a vision of where is going. Rose is my bridge, hopefully. Now, the runaway train has a track. Thank you darling😀

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