Poem: Etherees – ” Diamonds, Suits, and Equality.” 

For those nor following Mandibelle….why not?!

OK at least read this! 😃



I could keep on telling you of all the —

Possibilities, endless in row,

Diamonds glittering, light within,

Such falseness in clarity,

Like you, extensively cheap —

You don’t comprehend,

Lies kill love and —


Thrive; I




Your lies,

You’re glass with,

Fractured cracks split,

In all directions,

Blaming me because you’re,

A lost boy never grown up,

Buying your way with jewels and,

Expensive booze on your breath; putrid,

The smell, of vanity, and self-deceit.


Broken old man, in business suit glaring,

Imagining you’ve an empire but you’ve,

Only got a shilling and its,

Currency long past, not used,

So pay for your glitter,

Die for Diamond rings,

You’ve only things,

And no ounce,





Down on,


From you high horse,

Fall on marble, crack,

You’re a paragon,

Sayings of virtue spent,

Lying with each word on your…

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