Photo credit: Pixabay

There’s a sense about you.
An unseen form that beckons
I feel your presence from afar.
Your eyes weigh on me.
They bring me in closer.
Moth to the flame
Being burnt doesn’t register
Freedom slips through cracks
My brain lost to a power.
Power that I fail to grasp.
I reason why I stumble
My mouth will not make words
I feel connected to you.
Apart I’m missing life.
The heart beats quicker
My breath is deeper near you.


4 thoughts on “Connected

  1. I like this. The picture represents well. We are always seeking that greatest connection. I think your poem demonstrates what it’s like when that actually happens. Sometimes I think, it’s a rare event. Great writing.


    1. I find that pic on Pixabay! I agree that is rare thing when both share that connection. I have had glimpses of it but never that have endured. I hope you find yours and tell me if I got it right😀

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