48 thoughts on “The Last Beach Friend

      1. I dug them up as a kid. My family had an orchard in Indiana. Part of the property had a river. As kids we stepped on them, and dug to see what we found


      2. I have never looked for them since. The Orchard was sold off in the early 80’s. It would be fubby to go back and see if they were able to survive the farm run off still.


      3. The farmer use pelletized fertilizer. They bury pieces a out the size of rock salt in the soil. If everything goes smoothly it will slowly release through the growing season. If you have abnormal heavy rains or fields are wet when they put in fertilizer, the fertilizer runs off into streams and rivers. There is also animal waste run off from chicken, cattle, and pigs but where this is it would be mostly fertilizer


      4. You always hope that so live. My family that farms always talks about the cost of fertilizer and how it didn’t always work like they say it should. I’m not sure how much is old farmer talk or real sometimes


      5. Yes, of course you hope some of the clams live and thrive. I would think that how fertilizer works (or doesn’t work) depends on the soil and what nutrients it has or doesn’t have. I have never had fertilizer work the way it is suppose to work either.

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      6. They look like big Green Yellow mats floating jag below the surface. They esky ruin the taste of drinking water. If it happens in a small lake or near a damp, it will kill fish too. It’s probably a Midwest problem more than anywhere else


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