Genetically Engineered Chips?!

Food labels are really boring things to read.  Some of the artificial ingredients sound scary!  But Barbecue Chips, they are taters deep fried with flavored powder dusted on them after they emerge from their deep fried skinny dip.  All pure innocent starchy fun!  Ok besides that junk food label but we all have our culinary crosses to bare.

So it is in horror that I read the phrase “Partially Produced with Genetic Engineering”. It’s up in picture 2!  I being reasonable person went to fritolays email page to express.  Keep your @&#*ing chips!  I’m not lab rat that pays you people $2.50 a bag to find out how safe GMO’s are.  But my email is not valid!  So dear friends, here is where I stand with this GMO thing.  I will not willing purchase a GMO product!  There is no research that has studied whether the process of genetic engineering changes the way we digest the food nor if any chemical products are introduced when the body breaks down a Genetic Modified protein. 

They companies producing these foods KILLED legislation to require the labeling of GMO foods.  The reason Fritolays Products have it is simply some of the US have enacted state laws requiring it.  Do you deserve to know what’s in your food?  Yes.  The reason all those products have labels is because the food supply has a long history of being tampered with.  Although, it probably existed before the 1600’s.  One of the first laws enacted here made it legal to add sawdust to flour!  Rice was treated with alum to make it look better for long.  Traces of poisons were used as preservatives.  But rest assured you don’t need to worry about preservatives in the chips.  The bag says they are free of preservation.   I guess franken-taters don’t rot!  So their straight from the farm franken-taters will be available to more people as I will leave them behind.  Interesting note, the lightly salted bag doesn’t mention the GMO thing.  I’m not sure about why.  Whether the bag is older or only certain flavors use genetic engineering.  But since their email doesn’t work, I have no answer.

To quote an old slogan of Lays, “I bet you can’t eat just one!” Has a different meaning.

14 thoughts on “Genetically Engineered Chips?!

  1. I keep wondering why I have digestive problems lately after eating Lays potato chips. This explains it! I will never eat another Lays potato chip again. Not ever!

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  2. Very interesting that I just found this.
    Why because I just tried to send an email to Fritolay about their pototoe chips being genetically monkeyed with. I just ate a bag and got to thinking why I’m being subjected to paying for something that’s altered. I decided to ask what and why, as we all have a right to know. Their dam contact doesn’t work it means, no contact just as you found out. No more of your chips will go down my throat nor will I drink any thing of PepsiCo. You’ve seen my last dollar!!!!!!

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    1. I was stunned by the contact not working. I really think it’s deliberate. I have sacrificed Fritos & Doritos afterward as well. I found candy uses sugar beets that are genetically engineered for their sugar. It is far cheaper than cane sugar. Coke also uses sugar beets. I just hope we aren’t being slowly poisoned. The sad thing is the pests that allow the plants to survive Roundup & similar chemicals, keep traces inside the plant. Thank you for reading/commenting


  3. Anything that contains any form of corn, cottonseed, canola, soy, sugar beets or alpha is GMO. Even the cotton T-shirt you are wearing is genetically engineered, as well as meat and dairy products derived from cows/cattle fed with any of the above.

    Pepsi-co (including chips), Coke, Kraft, Gerber, Kelloggs, Hershey, ConAgra Foods, General Mills, Dean Foods (dairy) use genetically engineered crops in their products.

    Even if a product claims to be GMO free, (doesn’t contain any of the above) a GMO product may be used in manufacturing and not listed in the list of ingredients.

    Very difficulty, if not impossible to get away from this garbage.

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  4. Wow, you can buy them for $2.50 a bag? They are a lot higher here. That strikes me funny: *No preservatives *No artificial flavors , yet, *Artificially Engineered. LOL! Yes, “Bet you can’t eat just one,” does have a new meaning!

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