Epically Awesome Award

 I would like to thank Mandi, https://mandibelle16.wordpress.com, for her gracious nomination of my blog for the Epically Awesome Award.  Anyone who has not seen her site will be very happy to discover her.  She even gave a wonderful poem for my blog this week!  Like any award there are a serials of questions!  Things to be done.  

1. What made you choose WP as your blogging platform?

Easy!  It was the first people who actually let me expose myself to the world.  Well, maybe I should say expose my thoughts.  I run a clean blog with very little adult content here. (Truth, if it would help the insight page….maybe, but no more than a handful of pictures and dialogue😉)

2. Introduce yourself and tell us about your blog?

Hi, my names is Mark.  And I’m a compulsive blogger.  I am powerless to control my screen and therefore posting habit.  I keep looking at the 12 step recovery plan, but the severity prayer sounds kinda depressing. Damn, this is answer #3 material!

So I reside outside Cleveland, Ohio in the Midwest part of the United States.  Just south of Lake Erie, provider of lake effect snow and clouds half the year.  By day, I’m a professional street walker!  Being eye candy for old ladies and receptionists at businesses is harder than it looks.  But I choose a place with low standards, so it’s all good.

I started out in flash fiction.  I couldn’t get the picture to copy and attach.  So I wrote anyway.  Until the nice lady, said hey kid what’s your problem!  I need the picture too. So, I learned to post correctly. I hit several challenges.  I noticed people posting pictures and I wanted to do a travel blog.  Here comes pictures, and I actually did a couple travel pieces.  The one day I saw a poetry class.  I can’t rhythm things together, me thinks.  What you don’t have to rhythm!  What the hell is this poetry thing?!  I took off into prose!  Now, I include food stuff too.  I’m a well balanced blog.  Not to be confused with a well balanced individual!  I have issues people.
3. Are you a once in a while blogger or a daily one? 

As stated above, I’m daily poster.  I actually like to share things I find.  I also am involved in many things so there always an excuse to stay busy here.  I write better if I keep at it.  The brain rolls downhill, once it stops you have to rock it to get it moving again

4. Do you wish to publish and if so, what type of book? 

I will be publishing a short story collection.  Probably in the Amazon self publisher thing.  It’s hard to find people to do a book of several stories.  Most want a specific type and one story with eighty five edit jobs and a lot more of this and that.  My first no total rejection said, we like this a lot now change everything but keep the style and two of the characters the same.

5. What is your favorite thing to do besides write? 

I drink.  I vacation.  

I’m sitting over looking a beach right now, see

It’s cloudy, but a bad day at the beach, or good day at home.  Actually bad hour and a half of light rain. I have been through all fifty states of the US.  I have backpacked in about ten of them.  My prefect vacation is flying to Las Vegas and driving to the National Parks.  Then spending a couple days watching my money disappear.  I gamble what a concert would cost normally.  But enough about me.  And my bottle of Elijah Craig, simply the finest 12 year old bourbon under $30, is lonely.  Treat friends with respect.  This one with ginger ale and lime too!


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