I’m jealous of your hate.

You hold it closer than I’ll ever be.

It builds walls thick as a castle.

Invisible from your inside view.

The coldest day has nothing on your rage.

It’s moves you in ways I used to do.

It calls to you inner being

It chokes out the day

Turns happy into sheer misery.

You are blind by your hate.

I could show pictures of how it looks

But Braille requires effort and belief.

The power to destroy is addictive 

The power to love is weak 

Unless we both support each other.

My hand long callused from pulling for two

I look for the girl I knew

I hope for the one I love

I dream of the day you love me more

But until then, I’m jealous of your hate.

For it moves your  heart and your  mind


38 thoughts on “Jealous 

      1. I’m in a different state with here now. I’m heading for a beach. Of course, Tropical Storm Bonnie is too! I have bourbon to help with my female issues. Could be more posts coming.


      2. A tropical storm is wind, rain, thunderstorms, maybe a tornado. It’s the other one. Her name tells you all you need to know, Joy! 😉


      3. I think there is another component that says drama could be involved. The high of anger seems more like depression, but she has tried that route and either doesn’t tell everything or took the pills enough to make a difference. She can be nice when she wants


      4. The hotel beds have that bottom that keeps you from being able to crawl under them. Not that I checked. I’ll be at a beach in a couple hours. I’ll go play in the rain!


      5. I just arrived at beach. I’m listening to waves. I penned a poetry piece and am trying to avoid clearing two days of emails. My wife is organizing the rental condo. Happily doing so.😀


    1. Ok I happening to have an opening just your size! Ok, I’m on vacation this week. So send me an email that the invite can be sent to. Once you have invite, create a woven tapestry of words in any form. Any images will need to be sent to my email If you have more than two images, use multiple emails please.


  1. Strong and powerful words. Her full of so much hate and him too or he wouldn’t sound so angry and almost threatening. But that’s jealousy, it can be very powerful if you let it simmer. Really well done communicating emotion in this poem Mark.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s a really weird thing. Like a relationship that eats itself! Twisted but self-sustaining. Maybe a symbiotic relationship where the waste of one feeds the other. Oh that’s sound even worse! As long as the helplessness is there, I’m happy. 😄

      Liked by 1 person

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