Quite Challenge -Day Three

It suits me well,” he said, “to take a blow from thee, but first you must swear that you will seek me out in twelve months and a day, so I can give back what I received from you.”The Green Knight to Sir Gawain, the Canterberry Tales by Chauncer


I would like to thank Angela, https://iammyownisland.wordpress.com,
for nominating me.
Rules stolen from another blog.
Rules for the challenge:

Post one of your favourite quotes(different quote on each day) on three consecutive days. The quote can be from your favourite book, author, or your own.
Nominate three bloggers to challenge them.
Thank the blogger, who nominated you
Oh those greedy aspirations of easy reward from little effort!  My extremely tall friend green knight bows and lets Sir Gawain take an axe to his neck.  Then promptly puts his head back on.  Laughs and disappears into the night from which he came.  He knows that a Knight of the Roundtable is duty bound to honor that in a year and a day what will happen.

So what does this say about us?  All fairy tales, legends, myths have a parable feature.  Ok, the obvious choice never trust a Green Knight with an axe.  But maybe if the deal makes no sense you should question what the hell is going on here?  Maybe an organized group make bad decisions when the leader gets questioned and no one will speak up for them.  Wait, I have the answer in the clarity of the old English that it was originally penned.  Don’t let pride make your decision for you!

See we have King Arthur.  He’s hanging out with a bunch of his Knights.  They are carrying on about their exploits.  Beer or mead is involved.  A strange guy, uninvited walks in and says a have a challenge.  You cut off my head and in 366 days, I’ll come back and return the favor.  Rather than anyone step up.  The king jumps to act because their honor dies if the challenge goes unmet.  The youngest needing to make a name for himself jumps to the chance.  The king isn’t happy his nephew does this, but hey honor is honor.

Group pride!  See where it gets you.  You head whacked off by a Green Knight on a day you know is coming because you needed to make a name for yourself!  Life lesson – never have your head served on a platter because of others.

Where the hell was Merlin anyway?  I bet Morgana had a thing with the Green Knight.  But that’s a different story.  And I’m out of days for this Quote Challenge

But before I leave, the list of three more people.  This is voluntary and fun

Christina, http so://blogging0380.wordpress.com

Amanda, https://justinqueso.wordpress.com

Hammad, https://hammadrais.wordpress.com


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      1. I have to actual send it through the invite page to an email address. WordPress has their rules. I would think since they ask for user name it would work on that alone.


    1. You have to admit there are people who stick their neck out all the time. Hmmm, could this be where the saying about sticking your neck out for someone comes from? 😉


    1. Caution! blonde working with artificial intelligence here! Ok I’m going to need an email for you. WordPress says you aren’t recognized by justinqueso with or without .wordpress.com


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