18 thoughts on “Dog Sitting

  1. I feel for the dog. 😀 It brings back memories of a dog and a cat I once owned when living with my Mum. The dog used to know to keep his distance from when she smack him one on the nose if he was too close.

    I remember once when he was lying in front of the fireplace, she came along and lay next to him. You should have seen the worry from him.

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    1. The beagle may be the most spoiled animal ever. And he’s an idiot. The four cats have different levels of disdain for him. Only two girlsweek go after him at times. The Tom cat is OK with him. Another cat could care less about him. It’s cats don’t like their world changed. Very heavy cases of OCD here.

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    2. I have nominated you for a three day quote challenge. It’s at your convenience if you wussy to try it out. Details are herehttps://any1mark66.wordpress.com/2016/05/26/quote-challe nge-day-one/

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