Rose of Faith

Written as part of a challenge called Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers,  details are at

And part of everyday inspiration, #everydayinspirations


She looks up at the angels.  Each one has a panel of triumph!  Each one has a battle to emerge from.  Her battle has been self inflicted.

Her fingers raw.  Tiny holes.  Blood no longer flows from them.  Her voices are fading.  Her trust places unseen.  In her hair, a fade white rose.  In her mind, the question of questions. Why?

Faith comes quick like a snake bite.  It’s paralysis warms the soul underneath. Eyes slowing to see, open like a child to the works sound her.

She talks to angels.  Today, they answered.

16 thoughts on “Rose of Faith

  1. She is an interesting character. Mostly lost soul, newly found a direction. Will it change her or just alter her course? I’m not sue yet. Thanks for the comment 😀


    1. I brought her out of another story. Her salvation is a change, maybe a move to stability. Earth shaking to her, but maybe not as much as others. It went so well with the gilded dome. 🙂 Thanks darling

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I came up with her in a different challenge and opened her to faith here. The picture of course was the prompt for change. She was part of Death and the word count (tarot card was death as prompt)


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