“It’s a phase, an electric phase.  He’ll grow out of it.” Mom says over guitar noises behind a bedroom door.

“Just like the card collection phase” Dad’s words drag out.

“He sold a Pokémon card for $100.” Mom defends.

“Just like the sports phase.” Dad continues.

“He was really good at first.”  Momma strikes back.

“Just like the drama phase, the college phase, the married phase, and the I’m getting my own place stage.”  Daddy works his list.

“He has had a tough go at it.   Those girls messed him up bad. Well, that’s what I think!”  Mom has her list of reasons.

“I wish I could afford the phone he has.   Nect week when he turns 35, maybe we can have that girl in the basement throw him a party.  But she probably a phase too.”  Dad flips the newspaper.   And hides in his chair. The look will go through the paper.   Point made.


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