Death and the Word Count

We are playing with a word count.   But adding a challenge to the mix.   So a picture is worth 1000 words, we’re going for 100.



Her hand grips a white rose.  But the rose has it’s thorns in Rose as well.   She spins it between fingers until the pin holes let out a stream.   It comforts her.

Below her spills out the future.  Her cards neatly spread.   Eight cards waiting to relieve her pain.  Only her final card is death.

She smiles.  Her heart skips a beat.  It’s white rose is her’s. Everything fades away.  Her pain can at last be gone.

Behind the card is a meaning of great change.  The novice doesn’t realize the cards are pointing toward change.  Her pain goes.  She does not.

19 thoughts on “Death and the Word Count

      1. It’s a nice song kind of reminds me of Janis Joplin in style. A little dark in that you are left wondering if she’s crazy or divine.


  1. thanks for sharing your response to this week’s writing prompt 🙂

    This is a fascinating and interesting piece – how you’ve written a story that explores certain elements, literally, and then of course, from a philosophical point of view – and perspective. There is a certain quietness to this piece, while the tension and almost “wild ride” is there too – it can almost be felt. Which is probably why the ending is so powerful. Almost as if death is grinning – a not quite “last laugh”. And the word choice “novice” – well that is interesting – actually I find it very peculiar, but not strange – and I’d love to know the idea behind this.

    Hope you have a wonderful day 🙂


    1. Thank you darling. First part is at one time I could have given you a first class reading. Death is the ultimate change. Her self inflicted pain is a hallmark of youth (novice). Death always had the last laugh. But I combined her into the song “She talks to Angels” by Black Crows. I even have her faith in next challenge piece. You made my day wonderful with the comment! 😉☺😃😎😉

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      1. Okay – thanks for the additional info – I was thinking along the same lines …. but oddly too – perhaps because of the white rose image and the word – I also wandered to “novice” – in a religious sense. As for the Black Crows – love that song. Totally powerful.


      2. definitely …. and in a traditional tarot card representation, it is used and is highly symbolic – so it all ties in perfectly 🙂

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