There’s a time for calm.
It’s forgotten to many times .
The hurry to cause furry
Chokes out the peace.
Trading strife for serenity.
The fast fuse burns everything.
Good times poisoned by anger.
Minutes of kindness strangled.
When is happiness afterthought?
You say its no way to live.
Then change your vision
See the light not the dark.
Embraces of failure and hurt
Peace is relaxing not stirring.
Worry is a bitter love toxin.
Someday it won’t be a choice.
The bridges burned over trivial
Will never replace the other side.
If you keep score, you are losing.
Life is happening without you.
The fight should be to be in it.
Not why you don’t have enough of it.
Happiness is a day lily.
Blooming everyday.
You have to notice it.



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