Day 12 – Critical Posting


OK I’m a person who watches zombies.   I’ll spare details in case you record and watch later.  But anyway the twelve part season is at a mid-season break (really?).  Being TV we need drama. Mid Season Finale was yesterday.

If you aren’t familiar with the show above the premise is the first show about zombies made so much money that LA needed zombie apocalypse too. The only thing different is we get to see the changes taking place as the infected become undead. So there are a bunch of people who won’t care enough to cuss each other out before the zombies try to get them. 

We start in LA.  They get a boat and find San Diego burnt down by the military. As they travel, they find several groups of people that are attacked or turned on the way.  Miracle of miracles they find Mexico. A rich family with a walled house and property.  Note the finale,  mid-season finale starts here.

We get succeed to the characters.  We love the bad ones because they are mean at the right time.   And the ones who are just trying to make it and care for the others.  Well the episode falls apart here.  The strong characters fall apart.   One goes psycho and runs off.  His dad follows and tell a member that finds them to leave and day they were not found.   One devices the killing is undead is to much and walks off.   The rat flees the safe house to see if they still have a boat.

Poor set up here.   There’s cliff hangers without a cliff!!  I mean everyone going crazy for “different” unknown reasons is confusing!

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