Day Eleven: Tea Talk

I don’t drink coffee.  That leaves a tea talk.  My world is quiet.  I’m closer to a trip to Emerald Isle, North Carolina.   I’ll be toes in the sand next week.

I have spent a week and a half trying to keep up with all the parts on everydayinspiration.   My phone doesn’t show all of them, what my iPad shows scares me.   I thought I was doing so well.   I really try to read and comment on all of them. I remember being new at this.   Feedback is priceless.  It gives us an idea of the thought makes it through to others.

The prompts have feed is why, where, and using a couple ideas.  The truth is challenges make you find a voice.  Trying new things.  Hell, I had no idea I could write poetry!  Try and fail is a good approach!   You probably won’t fail.  But you will learn word usage and preparing your ideas.

My wise old sage voice says tell them to do this and that.  I hate to hear that from others.   So I’ll simply say I have participated in these challenges.   While I don’t always post every week,  here are a few. Using the settings under your reader tab will allow you to find postings.   Most people will add a link to original. It’s a courtesy thing

Sunday Photo Fiction,
Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers,
Flash Fiction for the purposeful practitioner,
Friday fictioneers,
Six Sentence Stories,

There are other challenges.   They force you to write.   Your mind will have to work.  Your idea will be good.   Your idea will be not so good.   But you’ll find voices.   That is writing.   To me at least.

Ok. I’m watching a dog. And the Tom cat loosy hid chair to a dog.   Now he’s in the dog’s bed. I’m used to girl on girl crime here.



21 thoughts on “Day Eleven: Tea Talk

      1. I watch one twice a year. Every blade of grass sniffed. Every animal track he tries to drag you down. He gets so excited he forgets why he goes out. Then he hears noises and barks. We hear nothing. The cats hear nothing. 😬

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      2. Or he’s an idiot! If it was my dog I would need to explain why he is waking up the dead for no apparent reason. Just like explaining children, my dog must have special powers beyond the normal ones. Therefore, he can sense wildebeast from two continents over! Must be a skunk dancing with a fox three streets over! Or maybe he’s an idiot. 😉

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      3. Hahahaha! He wakes up the dead! LOL!! A skunk dancing with a fox! Smells a wildebeest two continents over. Hahahahaha! I bet you will be glad when your daughter picks him back up.

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      4. No, I’m not counting down the time until Thursday at 5pm. He’s a really spoiled dog. He’s scared of almost everything . But the barking for something we never see is crazy


  1. There have been a few of these challenges I have not been able to write, but what I have done, I have enjoyed and learnt new things from it.

    Looking at your photo, I could not help but smile, seeing the cat in the bed and your dog on the couch. How you have caught your cat looking at your dog, reminded me of a cat I used to have. One that was the boss. Is your cat like the boss over your dog?

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    1. The dog is my daughters and he’s staying for a week. The Tom cat is the guardian of the household. They get along fine. But the dog was in his chair! Being a cat he stole the dogs bed and stared at him.😀 The challenges are like a large Boulder once you start moving they go much easier

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      1. I think one of the challenges I found I could not do, something has came to mind, so I shall have a go writing it up and see how I go with it. Possibly publish it later. So with that happening, it may happen with the other ones. 🙂

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