Day Nine: Writing and Not Writing

In my secret life, I write.  No one can tell that I maybe a write in disguise.  People would treat me very differently if they knew I had to power to feed them to a dragon or vampire,  oh wait thrown into a caldera of a volcano!  I mean these muddling people are to some degree annoying.  Making them characters and performing mercy killings, or attitude adjustments is good for them.  Ok, good for my self-conscious.  But it’s the thought that counts…I was told this over and over.  It was used to overcome the disappointment that you really can’t feed another person to a dragon.  Here in the States, I think they are a protected spices anyway.  They would be a form of animal cruelty.

Today’s assignment.  My daily life away from my fictional realm……

Mark’s Real World!

Sounds bad already. 😕

I’m a professional street walker.  Those who have followed me for awhile have heard me cover up the term Mailman this way.  It sounds so much better the other way.   I spend my “productive hours” hike six and a half miles a day ( about 11 kilometers) with a bag on my shoulder full of toys and letters for good little boys and girls.  Oh wait, I’m blonde.  That’s Santa and he gets a sled and reindeer.  Ok I carry bills and your Amazon packages.  That damn smile on the box mocks you when they fall out of the bag.  There is also some very nice people who won’t end up thrown in to a caldera I get to talk to every day.  Some people that are vampire bait, too.

It’s not all work.  I have the other task of man servant to five cats.  An outdoor stray, and four rescues inside.  They have a terrible time caretaking themselves.  It’s hard to accomplish much with fifteen hours of sleep in the schedule. So whilst the Queen Tommi Girl overlooks her feline underlings (Elvis, Booger, & Mama), I’m there with food, catnip, treats and toys.

I’m happily married (my wife varied a gun for a living- 🙄😀😊😉 I’m also allergic to being shot). We travel every chance we get. The world is a big place
, take pictured so you remember where you have been.

I play in the dirt! I only get five good months to do it here. Nothing beats fresh veggies from the garden. That’s and shattering flowers through out this little corner of my world.

Enough about me. My fictional world gets jealous.

Any volunteers for an inexcusable set of questions, er…interview? Comments maybe confused with yes. 😎



6 thoughts on “Day Nine: Writing and Not Writing

  1. I had a great uncle who was a mail man. I think it`s a good job where you are because you get your exercise in while you work and get to be outside when it`s nice. I guess when it`s too hot that`s probably difficult . . . Lol 4 cats. They are such disdainful pets. I like the ones who think they are dogs 🙂 Great post my friend.

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    1. Thank you darling. I had a cat that walked with the dog at night. The neighbors would ask if she didn’t come along. Even in winter most nights she would walk along, we’ll run ahead or stay behind and catch up. The job is nice once outside, rain near freezing is horrible and you can live with the rest of the weather. 😀

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