Day Eight

Day Eight: Reinvent the Letter Format



To whom ever is out there:

I am here.   Here is a muffler shop.  My beloved 2004 Solara has decided it can no longer be seen with a 12 year old muffler.  It’s pipes have been patched here and there.   It does breath for six cylinders after all.  So after so many years,it’s do.  However, my car doesn’t have cheap tastes.   They didn’t make many of these cars. So I’m at a custom exhaust place.

My rumbling car reminds me of a time when I had a car with headers and small mufflers to sound cool.  I actually managed to rebuild part of the engine  of an old Monte Carlo.  I really lack the blood necessary  for mechanical Auto repair.  But my loud car days have ended. 

I took refuge out front on an old bench.  I’m probably the first person to sit here in awhile.  The brown paint is peeling.  There are a few cracks.  But it holds 150 lbs, unless I lost weight.

But I have decided to try the publishing game.  I have a nice little 4400 words story now.  It’s not enogh6on it’s own but added to others I can put a short story book together.  There are people who have offered to help.  Matlybe you have seen them.

My last smoothie recipe was a great post with enlightening detail!  My expression of my views should be given to a larger audience!  People wouldn’t lie about these things!  They actually have a website!!!.

That said.  My old car will be for sale soon.  I plan to sell the movie rights after my first million E-books go for  $3.99 a piece.  That’s a cool million in my pocket, before paying for incidentals.  Anyway, enough for a used Tesla and home in the desert!

I will hold off on moving to Hollywood.   I’ll just visit for the premier of the movies.  Look for me! I’ll demand a bit part with one line of dialogue.  I can then join the Scene Guild. 

I’m thinking of maybe a red Tesla.

Anyway,  I’m soaking up the Sun here in my Township.   I have editing to do.  Oh, hell like I edit anything.




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