Cherry Citrus Smoothie

We have stumbled on new flavors!   Literally, I visited the marked down produce section.  Ugly fruit makes good smoothies!  

Today’s surprise was cherries.  Which are just starting to come into the stores at the price of silver instead of gold.  The was the when is an orange not an orange find (when it’s a blood orange) as well.  But that said, there’s a quick shout out to a new friend, Harshita ( for the rememberence that everyone needs a little flax seed in their lives. 

That said here’s the Mad Scientist List:

Two handful Spring Mix

Twelve ounces (350ml) Almond Milk

One medium Lemon

One Blood Orange

One medium Orange

Half Cup of Blueberries 

Twenty of the Ugliest Cherries (pitted)

Two Tablespoons of Flax Seed Powder

Two Teaspoons Cherry Limeade Powder (optional)

The Spring Mix should be blended smooth with the almond milk and Flax seed powder.  The silky green will be best continued if you add the citrus pieces one at a time.  Segment them and peel off as much of the zest and fiber as possible.  The more left on the chunkier it will be  and more bitter it will taste. The blueberries and cherries come last.  The cherries will not blend completely smooth but they are for flavor.

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