Photo credit: J Hardy Carroll

Written as part of a challenge called Friday fictioneers, https://rochellewisofffields.wordpress.com

The crowd has left.  The flashes of cameras.   The loud reporters shouting over each other just echoes.  The victim’s family fled.  The curious court visitors appetite satisfied.  The only thing left is the Prosecutor.

He sits on the cold wood benches.  Her looks up at a statue of Justice.  Half blind she holds her scales up before the world.

His mind wanders to the story.  Comatose man found next to his murdered wife and a bloody knife.  The man has no memory.   He has no wounds.  The press had him from day one.  Faking amnesia and coma…the nerve of him. 

The Jury did four hours of diligence sentencing the man to die for what he did.  A Prosecutor ‘s dream case.

Except for the note left on his car.

“Thank you for the Guilty verdict.  Now, I am free. 

The Real Killer.”

He sits staring at Justice.  The reason she is only half blind still eludes him.

30 thoughts on “Justice

      1. I don’t know, fortunately we don’t have the death penalty where I live. I thought there was some kind of appeal at least?

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      2. There’s an appeal process. But the prosecutor would have to be part of it. His position would be questioned of he changed his stance without proof. Most of these prosecutors are elected, he’d be soft on a killer if he changes now. It’s the ultimate problem of justice

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      3. That’s part of the appeal of flash fiction, I think. A place to experiment, and to throw out ideas and see where they go.

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  1. An awful,scenario for the husband. Unfortunate what a role media can play in a case, indeed making justice more than half-blind. Scary that the killer is still out there.

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  2. I wonder if he’ll try to find the real killer or if getting the conviction (even though the man’s innocent) will keep him quiet.

    By the way, we were thinking alike this week. 🙂

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