Moss strands hangs thick.
The ancient oaks bend to ground.
The gardens hold secrets.
Rendezvous traces linger in places
Phantoms wait to dance.
Partners long departed from Earth.
Eyes look past them.
Their forms still sit on benchs.
They linger next to trees.
The reflections show in the ponds.
A gentle time hid them.
Modern world chooses to forgot them.
The world spins further away.
The gardens down South stay the same


10 thoughts on “South

    1. I used to do public speaking. It was always a trick if people weren’t paying attention, I would misquote a famous quote. Everyone after that paid attention. 🙄


      1. Yes, I can imagine! I was an editor/admin for ten yars of a lovely community based writing site, so it is hard to pass up, and I am always willing to help where I can.

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  1. Hi, nice write. I came here through your Daily post entry ‘Grains’, and stayed to read a bit. I found this though which happens; – hope it helps.

    ‘Their forms stilk sit on benches.’

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