We live on hope.  The hope that we will become who we want .  The hope the people surrounding us will see the person that we wish to be.  Not the person that we see yourselves.  Hope is a commodity that we trade off against the world.  Be it a better day tomorrow.  A chance in talking to a new person.  Buying something we always wanted and hoping it is worth it.

I open the door to a new day.  Despite the grey skies raining down on the earth, I see hope.  A better day, a better place, a better life breaths hope outside.  Nightfall will prove hope exists if I want to believe.  Hope is the souls faith.

I turn back to look where I have come from.   A dated trailer strewn with the debris of six without hope.   I had such hope for them to be better.   I pour out the three gallons of gas in the can.  My single match lights on the first try.

“See if told each of you, hope for a better day and it will come!” I talk to the non believers. 

They will never know hope is fire proof. But then again, fiction is where we all live.   Isn’t it? 😉


3 thoughts on “Hope

  1. “Hope is the souls faith”, love it!
    “fiction is where we all live”… My “duckies” are making a mess in my brain with this line 🙂

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    1. The souls faith part was my whole concept of hope. Once your dreams get worked over a couple dozen tines, we still find hope walking the streets. “Fiction is where we all live” These darling are the mist truthful words I ever strung together.😉 Now I liked burning the rest of week on the way out the door.


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