Barren lands reach for horizons.
Heat builds on small steps.
Creeping up slowly, quietly
Unrelenting heat jumps on your back
Sweat fails you in the desert
Water flees without a trace.
Warm winds steal more than sun takes.
Dry air swims through the lungs.
Vision shimmers along the ground.
There are few things touching you.
The sounds carry and groan twisted.
Taste is the only trusting sense now.
Surviving in desert is clinging to water.
When the sands shift in life
Water is survival
You may never see the desert
But you’ll feel the isolation
Hearing will twist familiar sounds
Vision will show you things differently
Winds of change will dry you out.
Steps of challenges will rise slow
Their heights may terrify you.
But survival is drinking in water.
Clean ideas, fresh visions to drink in.

12 thoughts on “Survival

  1. Love the message. Finding new ideas, water for our writing ourselves. An interesting thing I read in a book once. A person dying of thirst lost in the desert will be so parched and have no sweat or liquid on their body. Yet when they are found, they somehow manage to cry actual tears.

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    1. It’s strange feeling to run low on water. You go through phases of really hot and you only sweat a little. You get lightheaded and headaches. I’ve never got heat stroke but when you are dehydrated things get much hard in desert or even where you have high humidity. And we all know the desert of ideas from writing. 😉

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      1. I have been heat sick before it’s not fun. I have fair skin so sun burns/and avoiding heat sickness was a big thing when I was small. And yes of course 🙂

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      2. I am fair skinned too. But working outside, I have some color. The worst thing the heat had done is give me leg cramps. But Gatorade during the summer takes care of those.

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      3. I agree Mark. I do much better in desert heat as well, said in Nevada or Arizona. Even here when we get high temperatures around 35 degrees or so, with humidity it kills me for a day or two before I can handle it. And Edmonton is dry compared to many places. Hope you’re having a good day. Enjoy your weekend.

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