I write because

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Everyday Inspiration, Day One: I Write Because…

I write because some thoughts need a life of their own. I prefer fiction because of the freedom it allows. That and prose from the same reason and the brevity. Focus on an item, a situation, feeling all give deep to the characters. If I can create a character you remember, then I have succeeded.

Writing is more a personal thing to me. I may throw thoughts out to the world. The thoughts maybe be limited or they may attach to great balls of string. The longer strings may not even start out that way. Discovering an idea has more life to it is a reward. All ideas may start out great but they just may have a really nice shirt and nothing else. The illusion of what is good to someone else versus what I perceive as good.

I started out in flash fiction. It fits into my time frame for writing. I tend to get ten to fifteen minute breaks in life. The prompts sometimes connect well and others need cracked like a nut to see what could be inside. The word count is the nemesis,lying in the weeds waiting for you to go past that line and pounce on you. The thirteen word tiger is the worst. Really, the thought isn’t even warmed up yet!

I never thought to do poetry. The combo of meter and rhyme is an extremely scary thought. But no one explained prose. You mean I can just ramble is makeshift patterns?! Indulge the themes on the free form it gives. Poetry is a tool for refining my writing. Emotions need to scene. The feel makes for self inspired prompts sometimes. I really write these to see if I can convey the right feel.

Tick, tick my clock is nearing the end. The last bits of sand in the hourglass stare as they fall through. Their plea to move on to their resting place becons. The separation of them from the other sand becomes stressful as the remaining grains wait. They know they may not land with their neighbors. Social terror of being made to fit in again. The bond of grains. Static electricity runs through the right two. Will it happen after shifted into new sands? I feel the edge of the glass. The spin before enter the gateway to the other side. My future is a mystery. I feel the slipping into something new.

That’s why I write.😀



6 thoughts on “I write because

    1. Thank you darling. I read a long time ago about coincidence. There are very few interrelated things that happen around us. We organize chaos into coincidence. Writing is a familiar way to share our world. The view points and approach paint each of our worlds slightly different. But what fun would a million ways to say the same thing be?😀

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  1. I write because some thoughts need a life of their own. ~> That is beautiful. As a matter of fact, the whole post was beautifully written and I think many writers would agree with you. Keep writing!

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    1. Thank you darling. I hate cookie cutter answers. The ‘life of their own’ line just feel in my lap but is the way I write. Actually, most of us put together our words from a string of ideas. It doesn’t work out some times. But we can forget about bad posts. 😃

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