Chance Encounter

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My last five bucks.  I play with the edge of the bill.  Abe Lincoln mocks me.  That’s it.  His friends left me earlier Jackson, Hamilton, and most hurtful Mr Franklin.  The casino is alive with sound.  Two winners for every fifty suckers like me!  I hear their cries of joy.  They mix with dings, bells, and chimes.  A cacophony pierces the ears.

“Son, you want to turn that fiver in something?!” A squeak of a voice breaks my emotion.

I look his way.  God, he’s ancient!  The fedora is sun bleached.  The skin is leather like.  His eye deep set.  His cane is a silver cobra with red eyes. Hell, his eyes flash red too.

“I got five bucks!  I don’t know who you are.  But that’s all there is!  I got chewed up and spit out.”  I look at him.  The scammer will take off.  I ain’t got enough money to make it worthwhile.

“I pick your machine. If you don’t win $50, I’ll give you this.”  He flashes a crisp hundred. ” You might get two of these anyway.”

He walks away.  The thud, thud of the cane has a rhythm to it. The old man doesn’t like back.  It’s like a sunset, your eyes follow him.

“Shit!  I can’t believe I’m doing this!  The old fuck better be right.”  I get up and drag my ass toward him.

The old bastard regards my slow pace.  He taps the cane on the floor. It takes on a three taps, two bests pause, three taps, and so on.

Haywire Deluxe says the machine.  The machine says a quarter.  But it plays three at a time!  It will eat my cash quickly.  I know it.

“Put it in. Play the max.  You’re a winner all ready.” The old man smiles.  There’s a coldness in his warm smile.  It sits well on him.  But strikes me strange.

“Ok, but keep the hundie close old man” I look at him.  I pull the one arm hard enough to shake the bandit.

“Red seven, red seven, red seven!” He waves his hand across the screen.

“You got to be kidding me!”  I don’t know I’m talking …seven five dollars!  It’s seventy five bucks.

“You aren’t done son! Pull it now!!”  His eyes go black.  Fear comes through the words.  Souls rattle in the body at these noises.

I pull the lever in self defense.

Triple diamond, triple diamond, triple diamond.

The machine screams.  It acts as if dying to pay out a mass of currency.  I am speechless.  My heart soars.  Hope swallows me whole.  I’m not rich but a couple thousand really helps.

“We will meet again.  I hope you move to another machine.  There’s a domino machine over there.  I’ll say it’s your jackpot.  Donny, it’s been a pleasure.  Your chance encounter is over.  You know what the price is now.  Thank you Donny.  I needed a win too!”  His face stretches out.  Horns pull through slots in the fedor.  He tips the hat. 

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