Bones of Contention

Prompt for 100 Words Story!

This Friday’s 100 Word Story Prompt is: Contention Or Superstition. (Since, it’s Friday the 13th).
Write a story in 100 words on this theme and publish it to your own blog or directly here on the forum. If you decide to publish it on your blog, pingback to original post and reblog from your blog to the forum.
Happy Writing!
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“He simply no longer can fit.  We need another one.”  Perry tries to get Sydney to fit into the box.  His legs are far too long.  Sydney isn’t exactly helping.

“Perry, bend his legs.  If old Sydney spared a few extra bucks, we would have to do this.” Will looks very uncomfortable trying to arrange Syndey.

Sydney just stares.  The body refusing to move on its own any more.  His body begins to argue against them.  Limbs become stiff.  Disputing every more.  Sydney’s dead silence unnerves everyone else. 

“I can’t do this! Perry, just push him in lock the coffin.  Who buys a used coffin for themselves anyway?” Will steps back from the box.

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