The Hanged Man


Written  as part of a challenge

I twist in a wicked wind.   I list to the left.   My feelings dragging my feet.   My mind sharp as a peeble.  Thoughts tumble down against harder stones.  Rolling is the only path once started.   I had an excuse at the top of the hill.

Once bottom hit back, these things matter little.  The alien landscape of surrender.   There are no peaks. Valleys surround me.  Distant Sunsets cast shadows aflame with desires.  I reflect but show noone facing my way.

A map of my world is a ink spot.  Rorschach tests are my vision.  You are fitted with black wings above.  Daggers? Or are those teeth?  Claws…must be claws.  Searching for the flesh of my back.

He who walks in the valley…of forgotten.   That’s me.  I’m hobbled by memories.   Twisting in a wind.  Feeling my luck has changed.  Maybe tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “The Hanged Man

  1. This is a fascinating and wonderful response to the prompt 🙂

    I really like how well you’ve expressed so many of the key elements in this card – the story you’ve written, as it unfolds, is clipped in tone, but so expressive. And the introduction and consideration of the Rorschach is a really exciting element and compliment.

    And I really love the line: I had an excuse at the top of the hill.

    Totally impressive!

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    1. I like the whole person in suspension thing. We tend to twist in the wind a lot in daily life. The ink blot thing just came out of nowhere. It fit so well, but I had to add a test image to make it work. You may have known the reference but seeing a test image makes you think. The “excuse at the top” was my favorite part. The original image of the tarot card was so inspiring. Thank you so much for the kind words. 😀

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