How I See Things


Interested in a challenge? Take one or both of these classic Rorschach tests images.  And tell the world what you see! Either in the image itself or how the characters use the images.   Leave a link in comments please so I can see how you think.   Here’s the way I see them…
“What do I think?   I think you are insane.   The reasons for what you think is happening is ….well, nuts.” I try not to look you in the eye.

I hesitate.   I mean for you to be the toy of my thoughts.  A dog.  Why can’t you just sit there? Questioning. Always  questioning.

“I have every right to ask!  You see everything as black and white.  The world simply is filled with colors.  When you stop being colorblind, things will be better. You’re like some dragon…bleching out fire.   Incinerate everything!” Your voice talks at me. It wraps through my ears.   Like dental floss.  Pulling out debris. 

“Okay.   Let’s go to rainbow land.   I see your point.   Like two dancing bears.   Pink dancing bears.  Happily dancing around a pole. Big cloth streamers winding them in a closer circle.  One big happy circle!  I think there sould be an unicorn as well. But I don’t see it.”  I reply calm sounding. My eyes are bloodshot and hard as concrete.

Like the ringing bell in a fight. He speaks.  “The idea here is to think of how we see things.   Both of you see things different.   Arguing and looking at these ink spots.   You have to focus on what you mean.  How you are thinking.  Both of you are married for a reason.  Try it again. Play nice! ”

I look at his desk.  Dr Neil Wright.  The name plate leaves out asshole.  It says marriage counselor instead.



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