Atlas Jr

Photo credit: Mom the obscure

Written as part of a challenge called Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers,

Atlas junior never quite fit in.   When you born after Dad gets sentenced to hold up the heavens, history forgets you.  The strongest kids always get tested.   Fighting gets you so far in life.  

A drop of school, militia, and job after job.   The young man grows old quick.   Hope fizzles.  The chance to fit in finally presents itself.   The family blood lines stay true.

The chip off the old block looks across the Straits of Gibraltar.  Before him the edge of Gaia, the Atlas Mountains.  On his back the bridge of sighs.


33 thoughts on “Atlas Jr

      1. Any time. I figured you would know it. The sounds are incredible. The guitar work always reminded me of water. Not sure why, but I’m blonde 😉


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