Collage #22 – Music of the Heart.


My visions of her.  I can’t see her in person.   She’s like the person at the end of a long hall.   The echoes of foot falls match the beats of my heart.   Fading hopes match the fading image.

I long to see past her mask.  The emotions I can’t see.   A tear.  A smile.  Anything, just to be close. 

The music of her voice.  The falling of pieces of my heart.   The song fades as emotions hit the floor.



4 thoughts on “Collage #22 – Music of the Heart.

    1. Thank you very much. Every picture tells a story, don’t it? Wait, that’s an old song…(not sure if its Faces or Rod Steward on his own). The collages give great story lines when that connect with you.


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