A Moment

The taste of forbidden fruit.   The sweet flavor of a pear.  Subtle in its grip on the taste buds.   A lingering sensation that it almost to light to describe.  But a luscious pear has no equal.   It’s ability to create hunger unmatched.

Fleeing eyes open to discover each other.   They flick shut.  Lips discover each other.   Two individuals mix together in a fit of passion.   Innocent touching blends into the descent within.  Their lonely souls look to fill the others empty spaces.

In her form, he sees things well beyond what should be his.   An exotic beach.  A piece of paradise.   Warmth of a tropical sun.  Carefree thoughts stream from him like a teen.

Her loneliness melts away.   Attention that she never would to admit needing.   The feeling that someone could still desire her.   The feeling that this is exactly what she wants it to be.   Lost feelings bubble through from the past.

Together they patch the holes in each other.   One moment to share.   One moment that took a lifetime to come.  One moment to be savor.  Tomorrow, plenty of time for questions.




You see my smile.
You see my friendly face.
I project what you want to see.
Why should I let you see me?
What would you think I look like?
For so long my mask covered me.
I’m not sure at this point, I am me.
The mask fits so well.
The mask comforts the mind.
It silences doubts.
It knows not indecision.
The eyes are clear and bright.
The smile is flawless.
Without the mask who am I?
A desperate person hoping?
A flawed form looking to be overlooked
The blank slate waiting for writing.
I’ll hide behind the mask for now.
At least until you know who I am.

Photo credit : Pixabay

Popping the Question


Written as part of a challenge called Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers, httpsflashfictionforaspiringwriters.wordpress.comfffaw-week-of-04-26-2016/

White Oaks started as a bootleggers den.  It’s rich history draws in atmosphere.  You come here to celebrate.  You come here to remember.

I set up the date perfectly.   I had the ring.   It was simple but princess cut diamonds dazzle. I keep telling myself don’t do anything stupid.

We got our drinks.   She was in a little blue dress, glowing in the dim light.   I fumbled the ring in my pocket.  Before dessert?  After salads?  When do I ask?  I fight for ten minutes.  The salads leave.

“Jeane, would you marry me?” I pull a quarter out of my pocket.  I turn three shares of red.

“It’s Julie!  Jeane died two years ago!  Which one do you want to be with!” Julie losses her angelic glow.




These gravel and dirt roads mark my path.   You’re GPS can’t find me.   A map? Little help.   Back roads are my kingdom.   The uneducated eye will never understand.

I arrived here by grace.  My choice was taken from me.   But consider my options.  Crowded enmass.  Free to roam.   Your blocks are my miles.   The noise of traffic replaced here by winds that sing.

Somewhere in the debris, you’ll find me.   What’s left at least.  If you stop by, I’ll find you first.  That chill in the air in the desert heat.  That will be me.   I’m forever tied to this crossroad.

Pear Banana Smoothie

We are playing with ingredients now. So I have greens, bananas and strawberries.  But I have an industrial size jug of vanilla whey powder.  So today’s is all about get through til tomorrow.  

The mad scientist list:

Two handfuls of spinach and mixed lettuce

1 1/2 cups of Almond milk

One Banana

One cup of Frozen Strawberries 

Two Pears

Half of a lemon.

One scoop of Vanilla Whey Powder 

This will yield 50 ounces of smoothie.  The whey will thicken the smoothie. I will add another half cup of water tomorrow as it will thicken overnight.  The greens and milk blended first until smooth.  Then add the fruit.  It will be extremely smooth compared to others.

A Bad Day – Bonus Wordle


My hard numb head plots. The deadfall of lachesism flash and zigzag into the rough xerarch landscape. The quilldriver inside itches to explain the errors in my verse.  I yield to the rough branch of my muddy thoughts.

My pattern of upturns were to be arabesque.  I obeyed the songs of the kookaburra.  The intoxicating themes left me jaundiced. A complex of grisle.  My souls trembles. Where did my wistful thoughts go?

Waiting for enlightenment, I sit.   My face frozen.  Saliva turns to drool.  The pulse lacks urgency.  Maybe tomorrow will be better.


Reblog -Bonus Wordle “Alphabet Soup”

A challenge for those who dare.  26 words to torture your mind.  Below is link and original posting from Mindlovemisery’s
You come as a deadfall snuffing me suddenly with a scurried squeak. Ultimatums notwithstanding I am still crushingly sensitive. I deserve precisely this, only this and nothing more. – The jaundiced moon appears in flashes, cloud-diver, oyster shell, mother. I offer her my obeisance and she in turn removes the thrall of complexity. – Shawls of […]