The path up or down.
     The landing between
          Things settle here waiting
               Lingering until purpose strikes.

                            The right path up draws
               Easier to drop down lower
          Expectations are dead weight
    Promise is weightless at first.

I climb to a better place
    I cling to hope desperately.
         My eyes keen to path below
               Every stair frees me from doubt

Will there be rooftop views?
     How far does one need to climb?
           What if the door is locked there?
                       Where will beginnings end?

7 thoughts on “Stairway

  1. There is something very elegant in this. Not only the form that spirals like a staircase, curving up and down, but the meditation and very pointed understanding of each step up or down – and the landing too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the kind words. I was trying to pin a little struggle in the decision up or down. There’s a comfort in staying in the same place, the landing.


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