Hotel Restaway

The smell of bleach. It fills a hall.  Rooms surround the abrasive odor.   The darkness in the hallway didn’t come from lack of light.   It crawled in on two legs like everyone else did.   One lost the power to drag itself out however.

Down the hall, Perry leans against the door frame.  His pale form, a ghost with growth rings like a tree.  The ring of grey hair covers part of his head.  Grey stubble gives his pinkish face detail.   Hollow eyes peer out.  A cigarette clings to his lips.   The dead look cones from to many visits here.

“You see anything?” Thomas looks over at him.   His eyes likes daggers.   Dark balls of hate latch on him.   The cop knows nothing is ever said here.   The guy lost everything so long ago.   He’s asked him the same question about once a month for three years.

“Officer, I saw a mop it was red.   But the piece of as moving it around was great for 50 year old.   I asked her if she could clean me up a bit too.  The bitch said ‘fuck you dirt bag’.  Wish I could do more.  But I got no know? ”

“Well, next time…maybe it’s you? You had to hear something.   Noone bleeds out in a hall without a struggle.”  Thomas tries the cop look again.

“Dude, my pizza is here.   Have a nice day Officer Shithead.” Perry smiles.

Perry’s eyes lock on two girls walking down the way.   They are younger with she’s put together than him.  The darkness on them is dark as his desires. There’s no pizza.   It’s a different kind of room service.   Common to the place.   Unstoppable nature of money and sex.

Thomas looks over the girls.   His cap could cloth both of them.   They don’t know the price they will pay.   Until their bodies are in the dumpsters, they ate his problem.

“Young ladies.   I don’t see a pizza!   You selling something else.   He pays you.   I arrest all of you.  That smell is last girl who made money on her back.  Don’t let me see you out back! The dumpster sleeps enough already.” Thomas knows the hollow words echo only in his head.   The feeling of having to try dies hard.

“Maddy, maybe Officer Stiffly needs a piece too.   I bet he’s a mean fuck.”  Sylvia plays with her hair extensions.   The tips rub across her breasts to make sure everything is noticed.   She’s young but has experience in finding cash.


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