Photo credit : Pixabay

I revel in my solitude.
Life’s treachery is a stranger
Hollow walls beat empty friends
I know the cry in the night.
My own echoes haunt me.
It gives comfort deep inside.
I built a fort stronger than myself.
Ramparts are perilous things to behold.
I await the Trojan horse you send.
I will not open the gate.
The battering ram of emotion failed.
Catapults raining sympathy fell silent.
My castle overlooks where I want to be.
The view is stunning.
The view is stark.
The territory of solitude.
This is my kingdom.


13 thoughts on “Solitude

  1. Loneliness can wear at the comfort of solitude. In my life, it’s only ever been a matter of time. Especially if one sends a trojan badger. 😉

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      1. xo. Yes… the badge was borrowed from Monty Python of course. After their Trojan horse fails, they table the idea of building a badger instead.

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