Draft Day 


Today is the beginning of a special annual event here.  No place on Earth would find the word celebrate as self inflicted wounds as much as the fans of the Cleveland Browns.  There was actually a fan that had in his will a request for six members of the team to lower his casket into the ground.  This way the Browns could let him down one last time.  The team agreed but the family thought otherwise.  There are people who think fans are crazy. The word is short for fanatic.  Yes, crazy is part.  So is the hope, despite all evidence of something to support it, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny have got over what we all did as children and pony up a winning Team!
Starting in about a dozen hours, we will watch a TV show parading 20-26 year olds out for 32 teams.  The fans Good teams really don’t care as much.  Sure, it’s nice to know something about new players but the are good, and have talent.  They actually win games.  We in the shadows know the agony of defeat.  Not losing, oh no!  Defeat is inexplicable finishes of assured victory.  I’m talking aliens landing would be acceptable if our team was called for delay of game.  In one opening day game, our rookie quarterback was tackled by an American Flag that was 250 feet long!  I mean run over by it and taken to the ground.  He needed help getting out.  The poor bastard had six turnovers, the rookie head coach tackled an official (by accident) and got penalized.  It was the start of another year of 4-12 football.

But today, another new coach leads another stab at horrific potential. In 1964, the Cleveland Browns win the NFL championship. Since then that team moved. It’s owner needed bank loans to sign players. The league is run by billionaires! They moved and won 2 Super Bowls.

The best players in 16 seasons were a kicker, a kick returner, a offensive tackle and a corner back with concussion issues. So here’s to hope!

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