Wordle #106 – Her


The challenge is to use at least ten of the twelve words above in a poem, flash fiction, short story or other form.

“My goddess of Adronitis.  I have spent the best part of a year learning you.   You are simply a ephemeral illusion.  A creation of which  brings the hunt for the illicit misery inside.   The ill wind you ride speaks to the goatskin covering you.”  I reach for a husky gulp of whiskey.  The insatiable thirst for both pry at the mind.

Her doe eyes look back.  The ponytail swings slowly to the right.  “You like me don’t you?  What does that say about you?”

25 thoughts on “Wordle #106 – Her

  1. I love the way you’ve chosen to use the minimum amount of words and yet really capture the meaning, essence and end up with a fully whole and conveyed story. Seriously. Totally works – especially when you end up with tougher words like Adronitis. So totally cool. Excellent!

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      1. at the moment, I’m doing the A-Z blog challenge and my personal challenge was 26 word stories …. so I can fully appreciate the impact of “less is more” after having engaged in this. But I hadn’t really thought of the idea about writing to economy using a wordle. Generally I’ll just go with wherever it takes me, but lately, I’ve been focusing more on letting the words tell their own story. Still, I might consider playing with it in this way, in the future.

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      2. I think it helps me be concise. It’s the means to collect thoughts. And once in awhile, the competitive part says how low can you go. I thought about the A-Z challenge. I play in too many things too often.

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      3. LOL@ playing in too many things …. I can understand. But you’re right – if there is one thing I really came to appreciate when writing the 26 word stories was how by such precision editing, even changing one word, could totally change the essence and meaning, propelling the story in an entirely different direction. I’ve found it to be a very curious and invaluable exercise.

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      4. Oh yeah, mood, ambiance, atmosphere, – all these elements have to be so carefully worded, but that’s part of the challenge 😉

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      5. I think in patterns. I recognize patterns. So I’m helpless in writing because I’m tied to the scene. Which is a choice between shallow cardboard characters or using dialogue to convey scenery

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      6. Well that’s certainly a limitation, and it can be harder to manage it, if one is using brevity as a tool, but I think it can also be advantageous. It might depend on the choice of form, genre, and then, clearly, what exactly one wishes to say. And if you recognize certain aspects of what you do, how you go about it, then the experiment if to work a piece breaking all the rules by which you normally write? Then perhaps, setting it aside or sitting back, and then hard editing.

        I guess ultimately, it’s really about process – and being willing to explore, learn, try, succeed, fail and just keep working at it. Hell, even the greatest of the greats didn’t hit the mark all of the time.


      7. I’m a person who learns from failure. Disaster is my friend. By I’m playing with building old stories. Crazy thought because the characters can be shadows. As the light changes they change

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      1. I thought you meant you wanted a wordle that contained 24 words, not that you wanted to write a story in 24 words that contained the wordle words. You write amazing stories though and use the words brilliantly and they are very concise, I think it would be too!

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      2. I have seen the Wordle.net create box. But playing roulette with a large dictionary and thesaurus would be more work then writing the story. 😉


      3. It would be a lovely surprise. Like Christmas morning to a little kid. All those extra words just waiting to be placed into the mix. When ever you get the chance, I would craft something special. 😀

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    1. It’s one of my favorite challenges. The idea of brevity and words forced on you is irresistible. Hhtps://Mindlovemiserysmenagerie.wordpress.com is a great site to visit. Of course, give me a little buy and I’ll so by yours as well. 😀 thanks for the kind words and the follow

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