Girl in the Backseat


“I’m sure that the little girl in that back seat was signing us.” Jesse keeps repeating this over and over.

“Jessie! We heard you the first ten times.   When we were young we would wave at every car hoping they would beep at us.   It’s what normal kids do!”
I give the dad look in the mirror.

“You didn’t beep!  Why did you say that if you didn’t beep…. I do think like it.   What if she is in trouble? You’re just going to let them drive her and hide her way!  What if it was me?!  I could be gone forever..” Jesse works her six year old magic on us.

“Well, Mom should we give her to them too? I mean it would be a shame for the other girl to be alone.”  I smile looking at Mom.  Apparently, humor is in short supply today.

7 thoughts on “Girl in the Backseat

  1. Ouch – now that is totally nasty – by way of “stupid remarks that fall short of the mark.” But this was a really great write – well done – and executed, and so for that, at the very least, it can be appreciated.

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      1. Actually, reality IS awkward at times …. and when it comes to humour, well, human reaction is not always as one anticipates, which is part of the gambit. In another context, the very same “joke” might even be shared with a chuckle, even if it is slightly “off.” Such is human nature. And the fact that you related the story so well – speaks to a greater understanding of this, than most.


      2. Humour is one of life’s mysteries. It’s a shared experience. When our experiences don’t match, we miss the connection. Like a sarcastic text with no emoji. Then again I play in double meanings while writing a lot. It gives different views.

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