Bell Rock Trail


I posted a couple pictures while on Bell Rock.  The way there is interesting.  It involves parking.   Well, after 9AM go at lunch time.  There are two parking sites.   The park service days use Courthouse Vista because the rock climbs are easier.   Bell Rock Vista parking is larger.   That’s the way I chose after finding no parking anywhere else.

The parking lot is about 3/4 mile from Bell Rock.  The views are awesome.   There are plenty of spring flowers, critters, and people.  In 68 degree weather with partly cloudy skies, it very comfortable.  During summer, go early
and bring hat and plenty of water.


The path to and around the Bell are fairly easy.   The hike onto the bell isn’t.  The smooth surface means good traction on shoes.  The area is amazing.  The vortex effect is very calming.  The sense of peace fills this place


Above and below are from halfway up the bell rock.


This is a must do if you come to Sedona.   You can go to the top if your legs can take a strong without.   You can go partial up from the North side easily

7 thoughts on “Bell Rock Trail

      1. It helps. I love the pictures. Especially the places across the world. I can dream about some places. Travel isn’t cheap even for the best of us planners. I travel based on airfare

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