Palatki Heritage Site

A little tiny dot on the map on the west side of Sedona has a great little stop. The site has petroglyph along a rock face, a small shelter built on to the cliff face and a cliff dwelling.   If you have purchased a Red Rock Pass, it works here too.  (Seriously, $15 a week good for about everything that charges to get in. A tourist can’t beat this).  They close at 3:00pm.  The gateman will let you out after 3:00.

The road in is graciously called “Primitive”.  Gravel roads have..Gravel.  This has mud, gravel and rock.  A car will make the trip.   But even in a SUV,is not smooth.   One more thing..


Yes, the sign is correct.  And they don’t look both ways before they cross..


But we are here for petroglyph and other things.  Of course, I missed the last tour to the cliff dwelling.   The petroglyph come with a guide.  You check in at a house at the bottom of the hill.   They animus announce your presence.   And you walk about a 1/4 mile.

Don’t touch the artifacts they are heavily guarded!


The story boards include long time favorites like Kokopelli, zigzag lines, and a creation myth.




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