Don’t Talk to Strangers 

This is part of a challenge, I have taken the liberty to alter the wording.  

Moral Mondays: “Never Talk to Strangers” – Moral Mondays
“Oh my God! Are you alright?!”  Natalie screams out.

Her foot comes down on a leg.  A hidden leg of a person that should have been run over when the car was parked.

“I am fine.  You could have killed me.”  The torn clothes cover a body.  The voice is weak older woman.  ” You give me a hand getting up, won’t you sweetie?!”  

Natalie reaches down with a hand and arm under her shoulder.  The feeling is electric.

The women is a sack.  The sack reveals a beauty growing taller than herself.  The dark eyes glow.

“Didn’t anyone tell you, don’t talk to strangers!”  The witch smiles down at the feeble old Natalie.  

Sliding into the heels, the witch walks down the street. 

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