Where in the World



I stumbled upon this link.  Actually, Lisa or better her actual link to this. http://lifeofanelpasowoman.com/2016/04/06/where-in-the-world/

The concept seems rather complicated.   I’m from here what is your story? And how did you get here?  Forgive me, I like simple things.


I’m Mark.   Most of you might know that.   Above is where I reside, outside Cleveland, Ohio in the US. This is height of summer.  True disclosure, today it’s more like this….


My family is small Mom, one older sister, a couple nieces, a nephew,  and a wife.  All of us are within a half hour of each other.  

My family is a big mix of mostly German and Irish, with some French. Although, most of the descendents vane over to the US in the early 1800’s. The Irish part was originally Quakers. Until my Grandfather (mom’s side )married a German there was a noone not Irish. Of course, Grandma (moms side) was pure German. Their Lutheran family didn’t mix either. My dad’s side was
more diverse, there were French and German.

Mom and Dad decided this was a good place to live.   We have nice summers.   Decent autumn weather.  Spring sometimes shows up, this year looked promising.  Winter is lousy.  Six feet of snow!  Winds bring snow quickly,  and often.

We are blessed with plenty of farmer markets.  We have world class museums.  Lucy (maybe the first human now stays here) in the Natural History Museum. We have three professional sports teams (no championships in 62 years). 

We even get to watch Donald Trump implode a whole political party here in July!  OK maybe not.  But the county fair is a week later the clowns should be done with the tent by then.

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