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“The situation is tricky” The grey haired man tells me.

I hear the words. 

“What is tricky about it? It’s a simple reservation.  You have hundreds a day!”  I lean against his high tower of a counter. I feel making my presence better known will change the results.

“It seems you would be the fourth person will the same name that created an online reservation.  So we assumed you were all the same person.  Of course, we held the first few just in case.  I have seen some things here.  I’ll tell you that!”  He smiles.  The smile of bad news that seems better with an understanding smile.  The smile falls short on all accounts.

“So, what you are going to do for me?!”  I glare.  I don’t want to find out the answer.

“Well, we can have something in about two hours.  The car you wanted is in high demand, sir.  But we will have you right as rain in no time.” He changes to a real smile.  Pointing to where I can wait my two hours of no time at all.

“Tricky is why you can’t give me something else.  You lost my reservation after all.”  I’m not going quietly.

“Sir, we charge extra to modify a reservation.  But if you want me to do that, you’ll be on your way!”


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