The Body


PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

“The body is inside, it’s on the left! It’s wrapped in old clothes.   Grey crazy hair…..the skin is very…weird.” Glen smiles that half smile of false confidence.

Sammy looks at his friend.   He’s scared to death of dead things.   But he’s three days older, more mature, closer to thirteen. “Who is it?   You saw the face right?”

Glen taller and sharp jet black spiked hair emphasizes with body language, a definite no.  “Look come see it yourself!   You want to know who it is so bad.   You?  You’re scared.   Son of a bitch, you’re scared!”

“I got more balls than you.   I’ll go take a selfie with it!” Sammy is up and marching.  No younger kids will make a fool out of him.

“A mannequin who throws a mannequin in a haunted house!” Sammy yells out.

Nearby a friend laughs uncontrollably.

Written as part of a challenge called Friday fictioneers,

32 thoughts on “The Body

  1. Great characterization here – and wonderfully written – you’ve captured the essence of the tension and testing of teenage friendships.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. In the modern day, that’s how you would have to prove you seen something. I actually love writing about this age with boys. They are so much in two worlds without any idea or plan. Just living day to day


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