New Driveway is Here


When you live in the country things are a little different. Every four years or so the gravel driveway gets washed away or eaten by the ground.  These nice people come and sell you gravel with big trucks.  They actually make several passes to create semi-level surface.  And deploy a big fat three feet (meter wide) rake.  Twenty minutes and $400 later new driveway!


Meanwhile, the chipper got piece stuck on it.  Fortunately, Stripe, resident stray cat, was able to look it over for me.  Despite lending his paw to help, the chipper quit early today. A cat, pry bar and hammer tried to persuade it to work.😞


18 thoughts on “New Driveway is Here

      1. Once in awhile you get lucky. I made sure I posted a yelp review to help them out. It seems weird over gravel but I didn’t have to rake it all smooth!


      2. It’s like tripadvisor but seems to be restraurant’s and services. Basically, I review places I go and post them online. Anyone can review or read about places. As I travel, I use it as a tool for food on the road.


      3. I have had extremely good results. If multiple reviews agree, it’s a good thing. Reading the reviews I have found a perfect score with several reviews saying the same thing is bad. Real people have stupid concerns like waiting time when the place is busy. The server forgetting water when it’s busy. Normal things should be normal. Actually, I’m a Yelp elite (their food snub) or I can write a functional review. has been good to me.


      4. It’s the hope. But most of the time they have employees respond with great reviews. I have had someone attack me because I have never been to a place before. As if a second trip was necessary for good service. It’s funny after about six years, you can read a review like a commercial with restrictions


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