Magic Bus

Photo credit : A Mixed Bag

I wait for the 52 bus.  It’s late. It’s always is.  I sit back on the bench at the stop at 43rd and Elmwood.

Four others wait with me.  We don’t talk. Strangers by choice. I suppose.  I look at the watch again.   5:44. Five minutes late.

I look at phone.  I should call, but say what the bus is late again. I need a car.
But maybe, if I ran the bus it would be better.  Yeah, I could cruise up and down the street, taking people here and there.  

Everyday, we wait.  It would be cool.  I’d have everyone rocking with tunes.  It would be the magic bus. This would work.  I wonder how much it would be.

Oh wait, it coming.  About time.

Written for a challenge called Sunday Photo Fiction,


10 thoughts on “Magic Bus

    1. Everyone relates to the bus stories. I’m stunned the lack of Who fans. It was fun. But really, “Can I buy your magic bus” part of the song was all that was in my head


  1. Haha. An interesting day dream and title. Buses are always late! It doesn’t bother me when the weather is nice but when it’s cold I hate it. Or, when the train makes me just miss my bus home Lol. Nice piece!

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