Blueberry Lemon Smoothie -Day 4

Day four of the smoothie craze!  We are expanding boundaries and moving into lemon land.  This is a return to green stuff as well.  Green tea, spinach and kale being the green part.  I’m hoping to cover the taste well.

The Mad Scientist list of ingredients:

Two Lemons (slightly bigger than a kiwi in size)

One cup Red Grapes

Eight large Strawberries

One cup Blueberries

One cup frozen Mixed Berries

Two tablespoons Flaxseed Powder

Two handfuls of Spinach/Kale mix

20 ounces (700ml) Green Tea

The lemons were peeled with some white fiber left on.  Strawberries quartered with crowns removed.  The mixed berries were blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries.  You may wish to slice grapes to make them blend better.  The smoothie looks a little uneven, not particularly smooth.  Either over blend, or cut up fruit more for smoother apparence. The total volume here was about 40 ounces (1.2 L). So adjust accordingly.  


5 thoughts on “Blueberry Lemon Smoothie -Day 4

  1. I have discovered doTerra essential oils and fallen in love with the lemon. I add it to my banana smoothies, just 2-3 drops and everything sparkles! I will probably start writing about my doTerra experiences on my blog as I already share the rest of my journey on becoming a healthier me! I am loving all of your smoothie shares. I don’t like mango, in fact, it goes in the same category as liver and brussel sprouts), but the other recipes I do intend to try once I get settled again (preparing to move once again!)




    1. I have a Naturo Nitro Pink Lemonade pre-workout powder for extra protein. It’s mild flavor. I never thought essential oils. I’ll switch and try that when this is gone. I’m happy with most of the smoothies so far. Green and thick is tough to do. Go luck with the move. I hate moving.


      1. I’ve been dragging my feet on the unpacking. And getting into school work. I just feel emotionally exhausted I think. I’ll get back to life soon. My Forest is back to his old self. I shall find inspiration in him as he really was sick. Me, I’m just tired. LOL
        doTerra is food grade essential oils. I’ll give you a link. There’s a whole tab for recipes! A friend had the lemon one which I tried. It was the most amazing, vibrant lemon I’ve ever delighted in. I am eager to buy the Wild Orange (which smells amazing). I have another friend who makes chocolate chip cookies with white chips and then adds orange vest.. I’m going to do it with the oil!!! I am very excited. Also, I want the lime, cuz if the Lemon is so amazing and the Orange smells as amazing, then the limes got to be awesome too! Here’s the link I get mine at:

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