Pineapple Coconut Smoothie Day3


The journey into smoothie-land goes tropical!  I searched high and low to find something worth the effort to cut up a fresh pineapple.  Well, my dear friends, I give you the next great life changing smoothie!!  Really, I’m getting better at this.  Pride comes before the fall.  So be very iffy about tomorrow’s receipt.

Humbly called Pineapple Coconut leaves out the Grape, Orange, and Peach.  This is a tropical mix.

The mad scientist list:

Half Fresh Pineapple (2 cups)

One Orange (baseball size)

One Peach 

One cup of Red Grapes

One half liter Coconut water

Two Tablespoons of Flaxseed Powder

Cut Pineapple into dice sized pieces, Orange peeled and sectioned, Peach sliced thin (I cheated and used frozen), the Grapes a handful and a half thrown in last, the coconut water was last in.  The blender was set for smoothie for three minutes and pulsed to break up grapes.  You may want to cut grapes in half first.

Enjoy, please feel free to express any experiences with these.  Tomorrow’s dream blueberry lemon….well berry something.

16 thoughts on “Pineapple Coconut Smoothie Day3

      1. I like the one you are making that is called, tropical, it doesn’t have spinach in it which makes it look horrible. But I’m sure the ones that have spinach in them is very good for you.

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      2. I mean one deep fries piece of fat and sugar can’t be that bad for you. They took the middle out to lower the fat and calories right? 😉


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